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About Us

Home made!

LOU GRILLADOU has been established in Perpignan for 17 years, a few steps from the city center, on a pedestrian square, typically Mediterranean, nicely planted with trees.

Its success is mainly due to the loyalty of its customers of all generations, who appreciate the variety of dishes offered over the seasons.


Edith a generous chef

You will find her generosity on your plates,

plentiful and finely decorated.

Its objective is to find recipes made from fresh seasonal products to surprise you while enjoying yourself.

"Approach Love and cooking with carefree abandon"

Didou Grilladou PJ.jpg

Our team



Room manager

Raphaël is the first member of the LOU GRILLADOU team. For 17 years alongside Edith

In addition to this, you will need to know more about it.


Kevin AIMI

Kitchen clerk

For 6 years alongside Edith.

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