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Bold and homemade flavors

LOU GRILLADOU cooks from fresh, traditional, semi-gastronomic, Mediterranean and original products. Specialties such as half-cooked duck foie gras, scallops with porcini mushroom coulis, duck breast with honey and fish tartare are on offer. It also offers a cheese menu in winter and a salad menu in summer. Different menus for lunch and dinner. The whole team welcomes you in all kindness to make you have a good time.

About Us

Founded in 2003, LOU GRILLADOU is renowned for its traditional cuisine made from seasonal products. Come and visit us.

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The dishes we serve at LOU GRILLADOU are as delicious as they are balanced. We use fresh ingredients, and we know how to meet all dietary requirements. Discover our menu bursting with flavors and contact us if you want to book!

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Provencal aioli

The essential of Friday noon

Foie gras de canard mi-cuit.png

Semi-cooked duck foie gras

The "celebrity" of the house

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A love of dessert

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Toutes les vidéos

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